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ZEM 10/0 pincel inclinado para detalles ergonómico

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Pinceles de sintéticos
Contiene 1 unidad
10/0 micro bent round
Micro-Tiny Brushes - These are very, very small brushes for miniature detail work.  Warhammer, doll eyes, small figurine detail works etc.
Short TRI sided Wood Handles 5"-6" - Candy red color.  Ergonomic TRI-shaped handles for easy grip for precision work.
Multi Media - Good for most paint media: Acrylic-Watercolor-Oils-Tempura.
Synthetic - Premium quality "Grey"  filament holds paint and is durable.
Snap and Spring -  Very good control with good color holding capacity
Brush Length - Total brush length around 7" to 7.5" depends on size.
Overall Quality Rating - Better